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Drew Barrymore is one talented branch of a famous showbiz family tree, beginning with her great-grandfather, Maurice , who began acting years before Barrymore was born. Her father's side of the family was filled with talented actors with a penchant for alcohol. Barrymore never met her grandfather John, the notable Shakespearean actor, nor great aunt Ethel and uncle Lionel who was most famous for his role as Mr.

Potter in It's A Wonderful Life. Barrymore's own father, John Drew, was also an actor, though his alcoholism and hippy nature got in the way of a successful career. Her mother was also an aspiring actress, though she came from much more humble roots.

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She then came to America, tried to start her acting career, and met John Drew at They were together for five years , but divorced while Jaid was pregnant with Barrymore. Though the two parents hailed from exceedingly different backgrounds, they brought a similar chaos into their child's life. Though Drew Barrymore holds the illustrious family name, she had little contact with her father. Since her parents divorced before she was born, the future actress didn't meet her dad till she was 3 years old.

That meeting wasn't filled with hugs and kisses, but rather a drunken father storming into their apartment only to grab a bottle of tequila. Barrymore always wanted the love and support of her father, but he reportedly wasn't capable of it. Once, when John was babysitting, he allegedly decided to show Barrymore his new karate moves.

He was said to have kicked and punched her until she cried out, "Why do you always cause so much pain? But John reportedly retorted that she didn't really know pain and held her hand over a burning candle until she started to cry. Barrymore cut off all contact with her father for a number of years.

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But as she grew into an adult, Barrymore would visit him on occasion, while giving up any hope of having a real relationship. In , John was diagnosed with cancer. Barrymore reconciled with her father and took responsibility for his hospice care.

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Though he remained the difficult, enigmatic person he always was, according to Barrymore in Wildflower, he took a moment while visiting Barrymore at Joshua Tree to tell her, "You were born perfect. By the time Drew Barrymore auditioned for Steven Spielberg at age 6, she was already a pro. She landed her first commercial when she was 11 months old : an ad for puppy food. She consistently got roles, though nothing huge. Then, she was called in to audition for Poltergeist.

As Spielberg looked on, Barrymore charmed everyone with her adorable personality and various stories. The fact that the stories were totally made up didn't make her any less cute.

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Barrymore admits that in the audition she told Spielberg she was a drummer in a rock band — and a burgeoning chef. Spielberg knew Barrymore was something special, but didn't think she was the right fit for Poltergeist. He promised he'd call her in for another film, but, at a jaded age 6, Barrymore guessed it was probably just a Hollywood brush off.

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After the success of E. Jaid seemed to like the spotlight just as much — if not more — than her child star daughter, so she wanted to take advantage of this new found fame. Jaid took Barrymore to the infamous Studio 54 nightclub when she was only 9 years old. Jaid and Barrymore hit the club scene hard.

Barrymore loved being the youngest at the party. She described clubs as being "Disneyland for adults, only I got to be a part of it. That's when Barrymore had her first beer and make out session.

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The underage party girl regularly drank and smoked cigarettes — and by age 12, she was addicted to cocaine. But her mother thought this completely unregulated childhood was completely okay.

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Jaid once said , "When we went out, it was always the two of us together. It wasn't ever Drew going off to a party while I stayed home and knitted This was still a period where I considered us an inseparable team. Though Barrymore's problems were quickly spinning out of control, it took a drastic event to get her life on the right track. Drew Barrymore hit a low point at age She slit her wrists. Luckily, her suicide attempt was unsuccessful, and her mother claims that Barrymore did it for attention.

Whether that's true or not, it was an obvious cry for help. I knew I would never do that to a kid. She also referred to motherhood as the smartest, most patient and loving thing that people can do in their life. Home Family. TV chef Jean-Christophe Novelli reveals three-year-old son Valentino might never speak due to severe autism. List of Famous Survivors of Child Abuse, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Many actors, musicians and celebrities have spoken out against child abuse and shared their own personal experiences and struggles.

If you are in need of help and want to speak to someone about your experience with child abuse or if you would like to report suspected abuse call the National Child Abuse Help Hotline at A-CHILD.

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  • Who is the most famous survivor of child abuse? Drew Barrymore tops our list. Drew Barrymore was neglected and abused as a child.