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No one under the age of 16 may be issued a license unless they are pregnant and have a District Court Judge issue a court order directing the Clerk to do so. A guardian must bring the document affirming guardianship. If the parents of either minor are divorced, custody papers are required to sign the Consent to Marriage Form. Note : Kentucky does not marry minors whose parents reside outside the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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At least two persons in addition to the parties and the person solemnizing the marriage must be present at every marriage. There are no residency requirements or licensing requirements applicable to ministers or priests who wish to perform marriages in Kentucky.

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A minister or priest, all justices and judges of the Court of Justice, justices of the peace and fiscal court commissioners may perform marriages anywhere in Kentucky. Yes, two persons other than those being married and the person solemnizing the marriage must be present as witnesses.

The license is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance and the license fee is non-refundable. Kentucky Dept. There was a divorce rate of 3. Marriage records are issued by government officials in Kentucky, but only after the wedding is registered with the state.

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The earliest marriage records in Kentucky date back to when the individual counties were first organized. The relevant county clerks collect and hold the earliest records up to the present day. A state-wide registration was introduced in Since that year, duplicate record copies have been sent to the Office of Vital Statistics every year. There was a marriage rate of 6.

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Birth almost always records refer to the certificates issued upon the birth of every single child in the state of Kentucky, or a certified copy of that original document. The birth records in Kentucky are split into three categories, before , , and present day.

Records from before were collected from church registers, personal papers, birth genealogy, etc. They were not recorded by any civil authorities. In , Kentucky required all counties to record their birth data. This law only lasted until , before it was tried again between and , and again between and Records dating back between and can be found at the Department for Libraries and Archives.

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Registration of births was introduced yet again in , and was complied with by Records and indexes are held by the Family History Library from onwards. There were 54, births in Kentucky in The death records in Kentucky are split into three categories, before , , and present day.

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  5. In , Kentucky required all counties to record their death data, however this law only lasted until Death records from before are kept at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. The state of Kentucky introduced a new state-wide registration of death records in , which was complied with by