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If you enable any cheat in a level, even if disabled later, the game prevents you from gaining achievements for the rest of the level, and the completed difficulty will not be recognized. Do not pick up the 15th or 30th intel in any level in which you have used cheats, or else you will permanently lock yourself out of the corresponding achievement. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Campaign Missions Walkthrough Overview

Well I went and and found all the other Intel before I read this and I still got the achievement for finding 30?? Sorry if I'm confusing you. Noturnormalnoob said: Well I went and and found all the other Intel before I read this and I still got the achievement for finding 30?? Ok, try clearing your cache and deleting your save, and then go back through and find all of them again. I cleared it and felted everything cod 4 in my hardrive and it still says I have all 30I intel. Posted on 06 July 12 at Noturnormalnoob said: I cleared it and felted everything cod 4 in my hardrive and it still says I have all 30I intel.

The second level of the apartment has a secret room friendly soldiers will breach into. Inside, you should find the laptop. Again, look for the silhouette of the sickle and AK The marketplace has a secret laptop. Locate the refrigerator and look at it as if you were going to open it. Turn around degrees and walk straight to a wall.

Cod 4 intel problem

The laptop is behind a stack of boxes. Found in The Hunted. After escaping the house where the Russian chopper troops flashbang and ambush the team, you come across a peaceful back area with farm houses all around. Locate the house with the soda machine, enter it and claim the secret. If you meet attack dogs, you went too far ahead. Upon leaving the second greenhouse, follow the building on the left to an area covered by a sheet metal roof. The laptop is in that area. Found in War Pig.

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After the tank crushes the car and stops so RPG soldiers can nuke it, there is a right turn at the end of the street. Investigate the second floor of the house on the corner right side for one laptop and the second floor of the house on the corner left side for the second laptop. Since enemies come from these buildings, you have little choice but to go through these two buildings and clean the nests out. A building with some machinegun nests will be guarding an alley-ful of cars. Investigate the second story of that building for the intel.

Found in Shock and Awe.

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Second story of the building where the stranded platoon is holed up. Check the corners before jumping down. Found in Shock an Awe. Once you have rescued the platoon, eyeball the building with the machinegun nest right in front.

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Wander over there, head to the second floor and kill everyone so you can search the premises' second story for the secret. Found in Safehouse. The first residence you usually see will be the one just next to the village church. It has a satellite dish the better to TiVo mass executions on the back. Head in, waste everyone, and search the second floor for the laptop. Look for a restaurant-hostel kind of residence near the water tower or burning farm -- you pick and check each of the eating booths in the hostel's first floor.

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  • Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered: Intel Location and Cheats Guide?

Try and remember this building -- it will save your life in a later stage. Found in All Ghillied Up. When you head into the church, locate the ladder to the bell tower.

The laptop is at the very top. Be sure to grab it before the chopper sees you and blows the tower up with missiles.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - Where to find all Intel laptops

Alternately, you can wait until the chopper passes through, then go back and get it. The three guards near the laptop are the ones who can alert the others.

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Going through the open container is not a good idea brightly lit, no cover.