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How do I appeal my assessment?

How is the County tax rate set? How is my tax bill calculated? What are my options for paying my taxes? I would like to pay my taxes with a credit card.

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How can I do this? I am unable to make full payment of my taxes at this time. May I make partial payments?

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Where are the tax bills mailed? Does the bill get mailed to my mortgage company?

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What is the significance of "principal residence" on my tax bill? Are there any tax programs that provide tax relief based on income?

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What is the Homestead Credit? Here you can search all personal property tax bills by account number, bill number, or company name. Income tax revenue is the second-largest source of revenue in the General Fund.

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Income tax revenue consists of the City's share of income taxes received by the State of Maryland from returns filed from Rockville. The City does not have a separate income tax rate, but receives 17 percent of collected County income taxes. Montgomery County's income tax rate is 3.

All property tax and income tax revenue is collected by the State of Maryland and Montgomery County, which then distribute Rockville's share to the City. It is the responsibility of each provider of accommodations to collect this tax and send a monthly report and remittance to the City.

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This State administered program provides real property tax credits to low- and moderate-income residents for property taxes on their principal residence. To be eligible for the tax credit, a detailed application must be submitted to the State of Maryland's Department of Assessments and Taxation.

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The deadline for submission of the application is September 1st of each year. Senior Property Tax Credit: If you are eligible for any of the State, Montgomery County or City of Rockville credits, and you are at least 70 years of age, you will automatically receive this credit as well.

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The application and more detailed information can be found on the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation website. For more information on the Homeowners' Tax Credit Program, please call the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation at toll free On March 7, , The Montgomery County Council passed Bill , which will provide a tax credit for people who are over 65 years of age and who either:.