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Divorce FAQ. How much does it cost for a divorce in Texas? How long does it take to get a divorce in Texas?

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Do I need a lawyer for a divorce in Texas? When children are involved, who becomes the custodial parent? What are the laws about property division? This is a range only.

Harris County Clerk's Office

Each case is individual and no fees are quoted until the attorney meets with the person seeking representation. Again, lots of variations. A certified copy is ideally what you will want to request and obtain because it carries with it the assurance that what you hold is an actual and complete copy of the final order signed by the judge. It carries with it a raised seal from the Harris County District Clerk on each page.

Basically, each and every page is legally certified by the District Clerk of Harris County. There are a handful of applications in which you will need a certified rather than a noncertified copy of your divorce decree.

Houston Texas Divorce FAQs

For instance, if you intend to legally change your name after the divorce then you will need a certified copy of the divorce decree wherein the judge grants your request to do so. Likewise, if you hold a life insurance policy and intend to change the beneficiary then you will need to provide a certified copy to the life insurance company along with your requested changes. Without a certified copy, school administrators, bank employees, and even law enforcement officers may not be able to assist you in the event that there is a problem.

My advice would be to spend the money if possible and order multiple certified copies, always making sure you have one at home for your records. Once your divorce or child custody case concludes the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC will help you to plan for and execute a post-case plan for living successfully. Any questions you may have about this subject can be directed to one of our licensed family law attorneys.

To learn more about this subject or any other in family law please do not hesitate to contact our office today. A free of charge consultation is available to you six days a week. Get this FREE download about what you need to know before filing for divorce.

10 Things You Should Know About Divorce In Houston, Harris County, Texas | Houston Divorce Lawyer

If you have questions regarding divorce , it's important to speak with one of our Houston , TX Divorce Lawyers right away to protect your rights. Our d ivorce lawyers in Houston TX are skilled at listening to your goals during this trying process and developing a strategy to meet those goals.

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