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In some states the charge may be DWI. Other critical aspects, however, including how cases are handled and tried, differ significantly from state to state. For these and many other reasons, it is essential that a driver charged with DUI is represented by an experienced DUI defense attorney licensed in the state in which the arrest occurs. If an out-of-state driver is stopped for drunk driving in Florida, a past DUI or DWI occurring in another state counts as a prior conviction for the purposes of determining the appropriate DUI penalty under Florida law.

We need to act quickly to ensure your rights are fully protected. The exact nature of your case will depend on many facts. We offer a free consultation to help you understand your rights and how we can defend you. It is important to remember that a DUI charge is just that: a charge. It is not a conviction. Just as there are multiple consequences for each DUI-related offense, there are also effective DUI defenses that an experienced DUI defense attorney will raise to challenge the charges.

The amount of ethanol that is in your system is the same as the amount of ethanol that is "on" your breath when you exhale. Whether you are required to take the test depends on the law of the state you are in at the time you are pulled over.

Physiology of Alcohol

Under the law in some states, if you refuse to submit to a breath-analyzer test or other similar test for measuring your BAC or BAL, such as a blood test, your license will automatically be suspended. If you are later found not to have been intoxicated or impaired, your license may still be suspended in some states as a result of your failure to cooperate.

Yes, although the crime may have a different name. If you operate a car under the influence of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana or any other illegal substance, you can be charged with a crime. In addition, it is not only illegal drugs that can get you into trouble.

Many prescription medications and some over-the-counter medications carry with them specific warnings that they may impair abilities and should not be used while operating any motor vehicles. Check the labels on all medications carefully. Do not get behind the wheel if you are taking any medications that are incompatible with safe driving. In some states, a person will be required to pay a fine and perhaps serve a minimum term of imprisonment for a first conviction, in addition to having their license suspended.

For a second offense, some states may increase the fines and imprisonment or term of suspension. Additional offenses may result in drivers license revocation, incarceration or the loss of driving privileges for life.

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Additionally, in some states, a judge may order that the offender participate in an alcohol or drug treatment and education program. Of course, if you seriously injure or kill another person while operating under the influence, you may face additional charges and civil lawsuits.

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  6. First Conviction: The maximum sentence is 6 months in jail. If you had a BAL of. These are the maximum jail sentences. Unless there is something particularly aggravating about your case, like a death or serious bodily injury, it is unlikely you are going to jail for your first DUI. Second Conviction: Not more than 9 months. With BAL of.

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    If second conviction within 5 years, mandatory imprisonment of at least 10 days. Third Conviction: If third conviction is within 10 years of any prior DUI, there is mandatory imprisonment of at least 30 days and could be up to 5 years. If a third conviction is 10 years after your prior DUI, imprisonment is not mandatory but may be up to 12 months. Fourth or Subsequent Conviction: Prison up to 5 years or as provided in s.

    We have options that can keep you out of jail if you are looking at mandatory jail time.

    What is an open container?

    Time, money and your driving record will be affected by this decision so an early consultation is recommended. It is longer and more expensive.

    The State is trying to determine if you are at risk to reoffend and if alcohol counseling is warranted. While there are no magic answers, we can help prepare your for this evaluation. First Conviction: Mandatory 50 hours of community service.


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    The judge must order you to do 50 hours of community service. This is one of the many ways we can make life easier on you. As part of any DUI sentence the judge must order that your vehicle be impounded for a period of time.