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5 Kinds of ID Theft Using a Social Security Number

These businesses will have to implement new policies in order to ensure compliance. Generally, the statute regulates two activities: i the communication of Social Security numbers; and ii the maintenance of records containing Social Security numbers. Communications Containing Social Security Numbers. A Social Security number is the No. Not surprisingly, the increasing use and dissemination of Social Security numbers by businesses in their communications with current and prospective customers have come under fire.

Criminals attempt to intercept various communication paths and retrieve confidential information, including Social Security numbers, in order to garner the data needed to steal an identity.

The NY Social Security Number Protection Law regulates five realms of communication to minimize the interception of sensitive information by criminals: i communications to the public; ii access cards used for services, benefits, and products; iii transmission over the internet; iv internet access and authentication; and v mail correspondence. First, the statute makes it illegal to intentionally communicate a Social Security number to the general public although it permits individuals to disclose their own Social Security numbers as they deem appropriate.

This provision is technology-neutral and encompasses all forms of communication, both oral and written. The third and fourth components of the legislation specifically target the use and dissemination of Social Security numbers over the internet. The statute prohibits companies from requiring an individual to transmit his or her Social Security number over the internet unless the connection is secure or the Social Security number itself is encrypted.

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Furthermore, the new law does not permit the use of Social Security numbers for authentication purposes only. For example, companies are prohibited from requiring a Social Security number as a password to access a web site. Web-site accessibility must not be based solely on a Social Security number, or even a partial derivative of one. This ensures that potentially sensitive online information cannot be accessed by compromised Social Security numbers — a protection that benefits both consumers and businesses.

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In conjunction with the identifying Social Security number, web sites must use a unique password, PIN, or similar authentication device in order to establish and authenticate the identity of the user. By reducing, or even eliminating, the use of Social Security numbers for accessing online services, businesses can minimize their risk exposure to the new law.

The fifth and final communication element of the statute regulates the use of Social Security numbers in mail correspondence with individuals. This necessarily means that any type of postcard or similar document containing a Social Security number that is plainly viewable can no longer be sent in the mail without first being placed in an envelope. Companies should be aware that even a number based on an actual Social Security number exposes them to liability under the new law.

Access to Social Security Numbers. Specifically, employees accessing Social Security numbers must have a legitimate business purpose for doing so. Unfortunately, the statute does not define these reasonable measures.

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In light of the overall objective of the legislation, companies will need to ensure that employee access to Social Security numbers be kept to an absolute minimum. Moreover, companies must store Social Security numbers in a manner designed to preclude unauthorized access and to ensure confidentiality. Adherence to these security measures is a defense against alleged violations of the unsecured communication obligations noted above. Statutory Exceptions and Defenses. Proper use of encryption techniques and operational controls may permit companies to safely store and transmit Social Security numbers outside the purview of the statutory requirements.

The statute authorizes the New York state attorney general to initiate a claim against suspected violators and to seek a judicially imposed suspension of the violating practices for the duration of the proceeding. If these practices are unlawful, the court may permanently suspend the violating activities. Furthermore, a court has the discretion to levy civil fines for violations of any of the five statutory provisions relating to the communication of Social Security numbers. Imposition of these penalties can occur even if the individual whose Social Security number was compromised did not suffer personal harm.

Although the new law does not give a cause of action to individuals nor allow them to compel the attorney general to sue, other laws exist that may expose companies to additional liability. However, there are some defenses available.

Companies may assert as a defense that the violation was unintentional or that it resulted from a bona fide error. Also, as previously noted, a company can demonstrate that it had implemented reasonable measures to restrict access to the Social Security numbers, in which case it may avoid liability. The effects of this new legislation will likely be far-reaching and involve a wide array of companies, partnerships, and individuals.

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Business organizations should follow a three-part strategy to ensure full compliance by January 1, Phase One involves an assessment of how, when, and where Social Security numbers are used. The exact audit procedures will be specific to each organization, but some common examples include:. Phase Two should involve a determination of whether the use of Social Security numbers is necessary. Where such use is necessary, companies should establish managerial procedures and controls to avoid violating the law.

Procedures and controls include:. Lastly, companies should employ technological measures to use, store, and communicate Social Security numbers in full compliance with the legislation. Such measures may include:. The NY Social Security Number Protection Law is the latest attempt by the New York state government to thwart the rapid increase in identity-theft crimes by implementing robust legislation that places the onus of data protection on companies.