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Or press nine if you're not interested. My cell phone never rang. I just got the notification that I had a voicemail. Their standard line. I don't know anyone anything so i knew better and these spam calls are getting ridiculous!

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Got called by this number only for nobody to be on the other end of the line. When I attempted to call back all I could hear was a ton of screeching. Having handled Credit Card accounts for the businesses I worked for and my own small business, I am well award this is not legitimate.

I strung him along to get as much information as possible then hung up informing him I would never give out that info. He was very persistent. I hung up. Sharon Denson. As stated above, going to start legal proceedings. Caller is automated voice, not a real person. Don't answer - always a scam!!

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  2. Enter a phone number. The reverse phone lookup tool conducts a reverse lookup and finds the owner!.
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  5. Always calls, but leaves no message. First sign of spam call. Called twice today. First call no message. Second call looking for Jesus. Claims that accoubt is breached. Robo call. By identifying billions of calls and playing millions of "out of service" greetings, we've helped over a million YouMailers get removed from telemarketing lists.

    Come join us, and help keep our community safe! Robocall Scams YouMail cares about our user community so we stay on top of the most frequent scams. From IRS to iCloud, we have all the information on the most frequent robocall scams.