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A social security number lookup helps us do our jobs more seamlessly, more completely, and more definitively. Postal Service address forwarding, utility bill records, and voter registration records. The social security number look up and trace checks the provided social security number for names and addresses that have been used in conjunction with a given social security number.

The Social Security Administration implemented randomization methodology on June 25, Checkr Help Center Customers Screening Types Articles in this section What is the difference between national, federal, state, and county checks?

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Which checks are included in my background check package? Whether the SSN has been used by multiple candidates. A list of previous names which may be birth names as well as aliases.

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The primary use of the number is to track a person's payroll contributions to Social Security and Medicare so that the worker can receive benefits after becoming disabled or retiring from the workforce. It is also used by other government agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service, as a way of identifying individuals.

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A few decades ago, Social Security numbers were often used as identification numbers in educational institutions and in the workplace. However, increasing concerns regarding identity theft ended this practice in many places.

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In fact, the Social Security Administration and other public advocacy groups urge people to be cautious about revealing their Social Security Numbers to others. Still, there are situations in which it is appropriate for government agencies, schools and employers to request someone's Social Security number.

For example, when you hire a new employee, you are obligated to verify his or her Social Security number to determine whether that individual is eligible to work in the United States. In addition, you'll supply the number to payroll so that the employees income can be reported to the IRS and appropriate deductions for Social Security and Medicare benefits can be made with each paycheck. Another situation in which you may need to request a Social Security number from a job candidate is when you are completing a background check.

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Many employers opt to contract with a third-party firm that specializes in this kind of research. In most cases, the firm will request the Social Security number of the applicant so that it can perform a credit check in addition to other investigations, which may include a review of any arrest or conviction records, as well as reference verification.

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Federal law requires that you notify the applicant of your plans to perform a background check in a separate document from a job application or other forms. In addition, you will also need to obtain written permission from the applicant.