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She is in a good relationship with two children and a good business.

Thanks for any help. DD - Feb PM. I am a 47 year old woman.

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Who has never known my biological father. My mother claims it to be a man from Doncaster. I visited his mother once back in she claimed I was not her granddaughter but that she knew my mother through her son.

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I have spoken with this man at around the same time and he refuses he is my father and if he was why did my mother not claim child support from him. I am desperate to find if he is my father or not I feel I right to know. What can I do about this.


None - Feb PM. I'm not earning much but I just want some information to finally clear up the conflicting confusion in my brain. He is okay with doing one, he just keeps delaying getting one and telling lies. T - 3-Nov PM. My mother told me the identity of my biological father when I was in my teens.

I feel if I had always had always had knowledge of my full paternal medical history, I might have been more able to look out for certain signs and symptoms and I could have enjoyed better health. Do I have any right to insist on contact with my biological father in the grounds of wanting to know my full medical history? I got pregnant for my bf, he ran away since he found out , he claims he is not responsible, asked him if we could do a DNA. How can I get the court to make him do it?

And if he received the order, what are the chances of him refusing to do this.? I got pregnant for my bf, he ran away since he found out , he claims he is not responsible, asked him if we could do a DNA.. How can i get the court to make him do it? Beautiful - Your Question:. How would I get a dna test done if my father has been deceased for 23 years?

Where would I start I was told one was taken in but there is no evidence of one how would I find any of this information? Tiff - Your Question:. I feel like my boyfriend isn't the father to his ex son. Everyone is saying the same thing. Even his father!

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He feels that by signing the birth certificate that he is the father. I don't have any kids. He's never gotten me pregnant although we tried many times. I feel that she is lying about the paternity of her son. It bothers him that I say this. Any advice? Beautiful - Apr AM. Tiff - Apr PM.

KB - Your Question:. My maternal cousin lives abroad but was born in the UK. She was adopted at birth but later traced her parents over 20 years ago. She established a relationship with her birth mum and sister until her mums death 8 years ago.

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She tried DNA test recently only to find she was not a match to either me or my mother aunt or another maternal cousin. She is a match to her father though. It seems my Aunty lied about my cousin being her child and has adopted a baby who was her husbands child.

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We are all a bit stumped and shocked. What can she do? KB - Mar PM. My son graduated from the police academy almost 2 years ago then after his graduation he informs me that I am not his real father and to stay out of his life. He and sister are enabled by their mother and has blocked every possible way of communication except for registered mail. The mother which is my X has talked me down for years with lie after lie.

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Needs to know???? I really need to get to the bottom of this. Sherbs- Your Question:. Hi I found out later in life that my dad was not my dad but this Other person. I just want to know he is my biological father.

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Sherbs - Mar PM. Hi I am 26 and have known my dad all my life but he was only put on my birth certificate when I was about 22 years old and because of this I have no claim to citizenship through my father he is a Jamaican British citizen and my mother is polish I have been advised if I have DNA test done to send of to home office they can issue me with British citizen letter so I can then get my British passport. My father is however refusing to comply with a DNA test which is getting in my way of being able to get a passport.

Is their anything that I can do that will make him have to comply with the DNA test? Thanks Stayc - Jan PM. My hubby is away to turn He has never had a dad in his life but was always told it was this man. His mum lied and we were given the name of his father. But my hubby is sceptical about accepting that this man is his father without a Dna test. This man is refusing due to his partners say so. Hence stopping any progression. My hubby wants nothing from them other than the truth.

What can he do?

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Many thanks Daddycool - Dec PM. Terri - Your Question:. Hi, I'm a 43 year old woman and have been told all my life that my dad was my dad, he left at birth.