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The stamp cannot overlap or cover any of the text on the document. When creating a document you should allow space for the stamp, ideally at the top of the page. The Centre County Recorder of Deeds Office has created this to scale, free to use, graphic for download.

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We prefer that all documents being recorded follow the Property Records Industry Association PRIA indexing standards but when that is not possible we have provided you with this handy tool. For help using the StampHere.

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The Centre County Recorder of Deeds Office's primary mission is to record, protect, preserve, and reproduce legal documents that relate to real estate in Centre County and act as an agent for Real Estate Transfer Tax. In addition, the office acts as an agent of the State Department of Revenue in the collection of Writ taxes.

The office also collects and distributes a fee provided by State Statute for the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts.

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All document records since the year except for military discharges, in the Recorder of Deeds office are available for public inspection during regular office hours. Annually over 10, people visit the Centre County Recorder of Deeds office to view public information and use the other recording services. There is an online subscription service available for those interested to access over the Internet one of Pennsylvania's most complete and advanced computer indexed imaging systems see above CCG WEB IA.

Assessment & Tax Claim — Sullivan County, Pennsylvania

Tax and Assessment offices in Centre County use the records created by the recorder's office to accurately assess and update tax information. In the Recorder of Deeds office processed 36, documents for an all time record high. Skip to Main Content. Sign In. Government Resources How Do I. If any of the above is missing, the acknowledgement may be considered defective and document not recordable. Doe vs.

Property Assessment

The written or printed amount must match the numerical amount on all deeds and mortgages. All documents should indicate the property's municipality, if multiple please list all.

Multiple papers affecting one transaction must be clearly numbered to indicate the order in which they are to be placed on record. Tax Assessment Duties The Tax Assessment office sets, maintains, and certifies property tax assessments for all real property located within Westmoreland County.

Tax assessments are utilized by the county, the school districts, and the municipal governments within Westmoreland County to collect ad valorem real property taxes. Maintaining the assessment system includes review of all building and demolition permits issued by county municipal governments, field review of construction and demolitions, setting property assessments, and providing notice of changes in assessments to our taxpayers.

Any taxpayer may appeal a change of assessment to the Board for its review within 40 days of the mailing of a notice of change.

Taxpayers may also annually appeal any tax assessment. Annual appeals must be filed to the board on or before August 1 of each year and are effective for the following tax year.