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In addition to to applying for a birth certificate, parents are advised to enroll their newborn child into DEERS immediately following birth, and then in Tricare. Effective this year, Tricare has new overseas Tricare enrollment requirements for newborns.

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Toggle navigation. The notification was used until the late s and then discontinued once states were keeping satisfactory birth records. Census Bureau does not maintain these records.

How to Obtain Birth Records from Military Hospitals

Upon request, the office below will furnish a certification of birth to U. The above procedure should also be followed if the birth took place in a U. Armed Forces hospital overseas. The National Archives has records of births at U.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Army facilities in the states and territories for , with some records dated as late as If the birth took place in a U. Armed Forces hospital stateside after , write to the vital statistics agency in the state. Department of State, for a Consular Report of Birth in the new adoptive name. To obtain a report in a new name, send a written request, the original Consular Report of Birth, or if not available, a notarized affidavit about its whereabouts. Also, send a certified copy of the court order or final adoption decree which identifies the child and show the change of name with the request.

If the name has been changed informally, submit public records and affidavits that show the change of name. Birth occurring stateside certificates in an adoptive name may be requested from the state vital statistics office where it was registered.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the U. Citizenship depends on the citizenship of the parents. Once the baby is born, it is important to apply for an international birth certificate at the city hall of the city where the hospital is located. Once the international birth certificate is issued, parents can follow two simple steps to meet passport appointment requirements:.

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Step 1: Complete DS Form 11 online at pptform. Step 2: Be present at the appointment with the child.

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On the day of the appointment, bring the following paperwork:. The additional tourist passport will permit the child to travel to any other desired country.