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It is estimated that An alternative is to ensure that your business is properly registered and optimised for Google Places search and the corresponding services provided by the other major search engines.

Sierra Madre Yellow Pages and Sierra Madre CA Guide

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Is one site better than another. They all get a lot of traffic and have strengths in different categories and geographies.

Real Estate Tech Revolution

My recommendation is to cover as many of them as you can. Only humans will be able to see your email or phone number. You have to guess because there are only USA states listed in the drop-down. Which review sites are the least labor intensive while effective to getting Google to index them? My clients, dentists, want their patients to post reviews so they can be indexed by Google. Sorry Chris, but most review sites require membership before publishing the review as to discourage spamming. Many of the sites you listed already had my information so I am not sure how useful this really is.

It is like having your name listed alphabetically in the phone book. Thank you for this list. It was VERY helpful. How do I get that? Very Very and very interesting and unique info on free updation listing of yellow pages. Thanks Admin. Andrew, great post! You were well ahead of your time. Everyone is into local search now and optimizing for Google maps, etc.

Keep up the good work! Interesting to see that some of the comments get af dofollow link and some the mainpart get af nofollow link. Always looking at the legal angle eh Matt? Great start to a list. Just wanted to mention a Local Directory Submitter Service that will do all of this work for you. They will submit your business to about 40 local directories, plus 60 other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Entreprenuer.

They have identified all the sites that David Mihm has used in his Local Search Ecosystem and then hand submit content heavy listing to each site.

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These listings tend to rank higher within the directories themselves. Thanks for sharing this information …. Other than that nothing to add. Thanks so much for the list, these are all great websites and very highly viewed by the public. A directory listing on any one of these sites will pass on a lot of credibility and relevance to the website being posted and help to improve rankings in their particular category.

I will check back in a few weeks to see if this list has been updated, thanks again for the publish.

Not bad! I keep reading that Citations are the new Link for local search and that consistency matters when adding a new Citation. Hello Andrew. I really appreciate your help. I focus more on the design end of things but have been to push more into the development and seo for sites. Thanks again!!!

Real Estate Agents in New York, NY

Thank you for your help! Most of these are USA based of course, and would be good to have a definitive guide for Australia as the data providers to Google for local search Places are different.

V Dresing table in room. Hope the minifridge is stocked up Ranjeet. You are about to get a flood of tourists from this strategically placed comment. Great information, thanks for sharing it. Google gives importance to local searches. Yellow pages play an important role in local searches.

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But search the local pages and submit the site is a difficult task. Great start of a list. Just wanted to mention a local directory service that Petitioner will all this work for you. Present their business to nearly 40 local guides, as well as 60 other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Entreprenuer. They have identified all the sites that David Mihm has used in its Ecosystem Local search and then submit the heavy hand contents list for each site. These lists tend to rank higher within their own directories. I have seen Google rankings soar map due to this type of presentation.

Their is currently over 20 million business listed and provide free local SEO for all businesses. Almost three years old and still a great list. Working our way through them, looking forward to the results. My site lists local business, but I do not have a business address.

Why we’re in a historically inevitable revolution in how we buy, sell, and rent real estate.

Can you get listing without having one? Wouldnt the optimized content loaded up by local search marketers for clients also help these directories become more authoritative with search engines…. To date, the Yelps of real estate have been sites started by real estate outsiders such as Trulia and Zillow. In fact, real estate agents often pay Trulia and Zillow a monthly fee for the privilege of updating more content aka. Yellow pages companies and large real estate franchises continue to buy TV advertising to promote their websites.

Yellow pages and real estate companies continue to rely solely on professionals for content creation while Yelp, Trulia, and Zillow have opened up the door to anyone with a nugget of local knowledge. Yellow pages and real estate companies continue to hold back data — YP, by charging businesses for enhance listings and real estate by trying to force people to call for more information — while Yelp, Trulia, and Zillow continue to provide more and more information to consumers for free.

The trends seem clear and have already been proven in other industries such as online retail Amazon vs. As a real estate professional in San Francisco, you may find it surprising to know that a Yelp advertising sales agent referred me to this article during a sales call this morning. First, let me say that I do love Yelp.

You can find my personal profile page at jasonSF. When on Yelp as a consumer, I tend to look for restaurant reviews. As a professional, I rarely remember to prompt clients for a review. In the end, I am, shamefully, a user of the data and not so much of a contributor. My experience is common, however.

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If it strikes my fancy to go out for dinner, I check Yelp. If I need a new doctor, I might check Yelp. Both of those are driven by a desire to obtain a specific service. However, people looking to BUY a house are looking for a product a house and start on real estate specific sites like Trulia and Zillow. Buyers are no doubt retaining real estate professionals in a service capacity, but that understanding comes second to the house hunt. More often than not, Buyers start their property search online and select an agent through a number of on- and off-line gateways.