Washington state laws for a dui

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They include jail time, fines, a license suspension , alcohol evaluation and ignition interlock. One 1 year of ignition interlock is also required as a result of 1st offense DUI conviction.

  1. Washington State DUI Penalties.
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You can also drive during the period of license suspension with an ignition interlock license IIL. For a 2nd offense DUI, at least one 1 year of ignition interlock is required, with the possibility of a five 5 year requirements.

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Finally, if you have a valid license you are not HTO , you can drive during the period of license suspension with an ignition interlock license IIL. This is a cost you will be required to pay out of your pocket. Most judges will not impose additional jail time, fines or license suspensions beyond the mandatory minimum Washington State DUI penalties. Actual physical control refers to situations where the car is not in motion, but capable of movement — such as when the keys are in the ignition and the car is parked.

NOTE : If the car has been moved safely off the roadway prior to being pursued by a law enforcement officer, a person will have an affirmative defense to the crime of physical control. All violations of this statute are classified as gross misdemeanors unless the person is a juvenile, has four or more prior offenses within ten years, or if the person has been previously convicted of vehicular homicide while under the influence, vehicular assault while under the influence, or a comparable out-of-state offense.

The three relevant statutes are: 1.

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Washington State DUI laws carry heavy penalties, and the trend is toward even tougher legislation. Per Se. Driving Under the Influence.

Felony DUI. Felonies are serious crimes that usually result in prison sentences.